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This article is for someone who might be skeptical about how effective email marketing actually is in this time of social media. When it comes to email vs social media, this article should convince you that email marketing is far superior to social media marketing, with two exceptions.

First of all, with email vs social media, there are pro social media marketing exceptions

The first exception is sharing. Social media marketing is far better when it comes to actually sharing your content. People are far more likely to share stuff they see on social media, with their connections or friends, than with email. But you do and can get shares with email marketing too. It’s all a matter of emailing great content, so that someone will want to share with a friend or connection.

The second exception is driving traffic to your website, funnel or landing page. Social Media is a great traffic generator; whether organic or paid, to get people to go to your website, funnel or landing page. But there are other traffic or lead generators out there as well, including television, banner ads, outdoor billboards, etc.

Television is king for local traffic generation

Television is still one of my all-time favorites when it comes to traffic generation for my clients. It’s a mass reach medium. And yes, you can drive television traffic to your website too.

Outdoor billboards are an excellent way of building frequency for an already proven brand. Don’t try it unless you have already gained awareness with your audience. It’s not for unproven brands. Just saying!

Social media for selling is frowned upon but email marketing works for selling

But when it comes to guerilla marketing, I like to use social media organic traffic generation for my business. It’s free to post something on a social media platform. That’s a plus when it comes to email vs social media marketing.

But you rarely receive a like or thumbs up when you post something that might seem salesy on a social media platform. Oh, that’s above the average reader or viewer of social media to see a business post something that smacks of promoting your business.

But that’s another reason why email marketing is still king. People expect and even enjoy receiving their product promotions and sales information through email marketing. Winner!

FYI, LinkedIn is a great business-to-business (B2B) traffic generator because you can receive your contact’s email addresses with a mere request to LinkedIn. If you have 500 contacts on LinkedIn, you’ve got nearly 500 email addresses to nurture and convince that your product is far more superior to your competition. Learn to make connections on LinkedIn.

Another reason email marketing is superior to social media marketing

There are even more reasons why email marketing is the clear winner with the email vs social media marketing contest. In case you want to skip the rest of the article; consider this your executive summary; email marketing for marketing purposes is the clear winner versus social media marketing. (I’m just waiting for the comments on this statement from social media lovers out there.)

Social media isn’t a fad but keep in mind, email marketing has been around much longer than social media and will continue to be used across the board for mass marketing communications in business. Email is a business office staple. When you first go to work at a business, they give you an email address. They don’t give you a social media login. Right? Maybe they do now.

Get a potential prospects “best” email address

The lowly email address is something that folks love to hang on to as well. Most people keep their email addresses for a long time. They have their favorite email address that is almost sacred. Right?

When I ask for an email address from a potential customer, I ask for their “best” email address. See why that might be important? Their “best” email address is the one email inbox that the potential customer is actually going to check on a consistent basis and engage with all of the time. They check it religiously.

Even more reasons – Algorithms

So, let’s continue at showing you when it comes to email vs social media, email marketing is far superior to social media marketing…
Algorithms are constantly changing with social media. If you put all of your eggs in one basket, like Facebook, you could face a change in algorithm, and the next thing you know, you’re facing major losses in revenue by counting on a specific social media platform to drive your revenue.

Another reason – Ownership

Ownership of media is one of the most important elements with email marketing because once you have a customer’s “best” email address, until they unsubscribe, you have the right to email them with your great content for as long as they will let you. They will let you as long as you’re providing valuable, nurturing content that they want. Nurturing is the best way to describe email marketing. You can send nurturing content to your customers on a regular consistent basis and you don’t have to worry about algorithm changes, suspensions or terminations. Email is an owned media; not like social media. Social media platforms own the media.

Going back to social media algorithms, and even worse; a social media platform goes out of business, then you could easily be shut down or shut out of ever doing business when you focus on a single or multiple social media platforms. Again, they own the media. You don’t own their media. You’re just borrowing or leasing it from them. They could suspend or terminate your account at any moment if they wanted to. Social media platforms are slowly digging their own graves when they mess with business owners. The business owner will go elsewhere if consistently pushed with algorithm changes and ownership rights.

Email marketing is owned media pure and simple. That’s why you never want to continuously spam a potential email customer because you could end up losing that great email contact. Cherish, nurture and give them great content.

Still more – Reach

Next, reach is low for Facebook but a little better with Twitter. But, when it comes to email vs social media, those two combined can’t match the reach that you get with email marketing. Email marketing reaches 79% of the people you send it to. Facebook is lucky to get 1-6% reach. Twitter is around 30% at the high point of reach. Again, email marketing is better than both Facebook and Twitter combined when it comes to reaching a particular audience.

Still more – Return on Investment

Email vs social media, return on Investment for email marketing is far superior to any social media marketing platform.

Email is great at converting leads from your website, funnels and landing pages

Email marketing is king when it comes to converting leads from your website, funnels and landing pages. It’s also extremely useful for retaining current customers. What more can you ask for from one platform or system?

Social media is still very valuable when used in conjunction with email marketing

But don’t throw social media marketing out just yet. When social media is combined with your website, an email marketing system and great content, you’ve got a powerful foundation of the modern marketing system. If you go to my website, I talk about marketing systems including; website, email marketing, content marketing, lead generation, CRM/sales system and analytics as the foundational subcomponents of a healthy marketing system.

It’s best practice to use social media marketing, and other lead generation platforms, to drive potential leads to your website and then subscribe those leads to your email marketing system to later convert to customers by nurturing with great content. That’s the funnel!

In conclusion

So, after almost 1500 words, I hope that I’ve convinced you to consider, when it comes to email vs social media, email marketing is still a very effective way of marketing to your potential customers.

Keep reading the Email Marketing Course and grow with knowledge from the experts

Need other reasons on why, when and how you need email marketing for your business; keep reading the email short course.

Believe me, it will begin to make sense as you read the information. Besides your website, it should be the first line of offense for your business when it comes to marketing.

I hope you enjoy the series!

The next lesson is coming soon. Please give me your comments on whether you like the series or not. Also, I want to know what information you want me to add or teach concerning Email Marketing. I really want to hear from you. If you have friends whose job it is to market a business, by all means forward or share it with them. They too can be an AdNation Sensation!


Thanks for reading and I will talk with you soon.

P.S. AdNation is skilled at both helping businesses learn email marketing and at showing how to better nurture your leads to become your customers. Call or email me with questions as soon as they come to mind! I’m here to help!


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Go to Email Marketing: How to Guide & Course for more articles on this subject.

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  1. Hello Kevin, thank you for your wonderful email marketing series! Very helpful! We are a publisher of print and digital military & defense newspapers. Our news content does well with laser targeting on social media, however it is much more challenging regarding social marketing to advertisers as we don’t have a “store” type of product to offer and much of the teaching is toward retail, etc. I found this really helpful!

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