Email Marketing Course: #3 Gather Email Addresses for List

Email Marketing

This article is for someone who wants to gather email addresses for their next marketing campaign.

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Ways to Gather Email Addresses for Your List
  • Include a sign-up form on your websites blog and header or footer
  • Use Facebook ads to get folks to go to a landing page or your website
  • Make sure there’s something in it for them (Lead Magnet)
  • Offer free tutorial videos and host on YouTube and offer link to form on website
  • Use popups on your website to promote special offers
  • Host contests and to enter they must give you their email address
  • Track down an email address by searching in Google or Bing – get permission
  • Host a webinar and make their email a requirement to watch the webinar
  • Get email addresses from Facebook friends and LinkedIn (or other social media) connections
  • Get email addresses from friends and family – get permission
  • Do an email blast with a local media company and gather emails of those that respond
  • Create a call to action button on your Facebook business page
  • B2B – Cold call local businesses and gather business cards with email addresses
  • B2B – Attend a trade show and ask for business cards with email addresses
  • Retail Store – gather emails at the cash register
  • Join one of the local chambers of commerce and gather list from them as a membership (make sure they opted-in)
  • Host an event and let guests sign up then
  • Start a birthday club and offer things of value on their birthday
  • Have incentives for your employees for signing up new email addresses
  • Offer your current customers or clients a discount or reward for having their referrals sign up
  • If you do direct mail, make sure to include the link to sign up for you email list on the direct mail piece
  • Include a forward-to-a-friend email link in all of your emails
  • Develop a squeeze form landing page that follow with a thank you page (offer leads magnet)
  • Give discount only for subscribers of your email list
  • When you talk with people over the phone for whatever reason, always ask for them to subscribe to email list
  • Send products through the mail, include a sheet describing how to sign up and offer a discount

Also, we will be updating this list as time goes by. Check for updates at for more information.

So, I hope there are ideas to gather email addresses that you never thought of before. Learn new ways to gather email addresses and please add your ideas to the comment section. We would love to hear your ideas on how to gather email addresses.

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Believe me, it will begin to make sense as you read the information. Besides your website, it should be the first line of offense for your business when it comes to marketing.

I hope you enjoy the series!

The next lesson is coming soon. Please give me your comments on whether you like the series or not. Also, I want to know what information you want me to add or teach concerning Email Marketing. I really want to hear from you. If you have friends whose job it is to market a business, by all means forward or share it with them. They too can be an AdNation Sensation!


Thanks for reading and I will talk with you soon.

P.S. AdNation is skilled at both helping businesses learn email marketing and at showing how to better nurture your leads to become your customers. Call or email me with questions as soon as they come to mind! I’m here to help!


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