Email Marketing Course: #1 An introduction to email marketing

Email Marketing

By following the email marketing course you will learn things like; which is better email marketing or social media marketing?

Email marketing has the best return on investment (ROI) over every type of marketing, including social media. Email is the first thing checked daily by users by 58%, while 11% for Facebook. 91% use this channel every single day, while Facebook only 57%. Over 77% prefer to receive promotional messages through email, while only 4% for Facebook. You may or may not fit within this mold but these are statistical truths concerning your customers.

Email Marketing is still the clear winner over every type of marketing but most businesses aren’t using it or aren’t using it correctly. This quick-read “Email Marketing Course” will give you inspiration and guidance to better utilize email marketing for your business.

Immediately stop what marketing you’re currently doing

My suggestion would be to stop all marketing efforts or campaigns until you have integrated Email Marketing into your marketing system by learning more from the email marketing course introduction. That’s a strong statement but it is so important to work every lead properly from the beginning. Don’t risk a single lead ever again. Integrating email marketing into your marketing system will help you nurture all your leads.

Easily & effortlessly keep up with hot, medium and cold leads, whether one or hundred

At AdNation, we get clients who say we’ve got plenty of potential customer leads but they’re not getting the full attention that they deserve. You will, by nature, follow up with the hottest leads first. Sometimes the other less hot leads fall by the way side and could quite possibly go to your competition. Does this sound like a problem you might possibly be having?

On the other extreme, we also get clients who say we don’t have any leads at all. (That’s a lead generation problem and there are a ton of ideas to gather great leads, and most importantly, email addresses for your business very quickly.) If you do acquire a lead, don’t leave it to chance and lose that single lead by not having a follow up system. Let’s say you’re in Real Estate and a single lead is worth thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, don’t risk it. With your email marketing system in place, each time you add a lead into your system, you will be confident that they’re being nurtured automatically and effortlessly.

Email marketing is well suited to the task, whether you have one lead or a hundred leads. Build your marketing system the right way by integrating email marketing first and read the email marketing course, so that you can nurture and communicate at just the right time.

Great strategy: Ask every potential lead candidate for their email address

Just by simply asking for every potential lead’s email address, you can continuously communicate and nurture them, so they don’t slip away. Best of all, you can do this automatically once you have your email marketing system set up. Just add the email to your system and presto, you’re nurturing them. Wouldn’t that be cool? Just make sure to ask them for their best email address.

Imagine, you meet a potential customer for the first time or you get a lead from your website; with that new email address, you can automatically send a series of nurturing emails spread out over days or weeks that educates them on your business. When they’re ready, they will be more inclined to work with you over your competition. It will increase your chance exponentially in converting a lead to a customer.

If we just meet, would you instantly be a customer of mine?

Here’s something to think about; if you and I are just meeting each other for the first time and I said I want to handle all of your marketing, you’d almost 99.9% say no instantly. You don’t know me. We’ve only met.

To start an agency-client relationship, I would have to introduce myself, send you information on my agency and then you’d consider working with me. Maybe right? You might still need more information before hiring me as your marketing go-to-guy. I understand completely.

With email marketing, I can send you information on my agency or my services, until you feel comfortable that I’m the right agency to work with. Then later, we can have a serious discussion on how best you and I would work together. Right?

Keep reading the Email Marketing Course and grow with knowledge from the experts

Need other reasons on why, when and how you need email marketing for your business; keep reading the email short course.

Believe me, it will begin to make sense as you read the information. Besides your website, it should be the first line of offense for your business when it comes to marketing.

I hope you enjoy the series!

The next lesson is coming soon. Please give me your comments on whether you like the series or not. Also, I want to know what information you want me to add or teach concerning Email Marketing. I really want to hear from you. If you have friends whose job it is to market a business, by all means forward or share it with them. They too can be an AdNation Sensation!


Thanks for reading and I will talk with you soon.

P.S. AdNation is skilled at both helping businesses learn email marketing and at showing how to better nurture your leads to become your customers. Call or email me with questions as soon as they come to mind! I’m here to help!


AdNation is a Marketing Systems Specialists firm. We specialize in Marketing Systems, including Website Design, Email Marketing, Content Creation, Lead Generation, CRM Systems & Analytics.

Go to Email Marketing: How to Guide & Course for more articles on this subject.

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