AdNation Inc. - Inbound Marketing Systems Specialists

AdNation is an Inbound Marketing Systems Specialists firm. We specialize in Inbound Marketing Systems, including Website Design & SEO, Email Marketing, Content Creation, Lead Generation, Lead Management & Social Media.

With your guidance, we brainstorm, plan and implement your marketing system from start to finish. AdNation can work right beside you through every stage from beginning to end. We will discuss any changes necessary. You have complete say in all aspects of your system.

AdNation Inc. was founded to help you market your business more effectively. We take all the current marketing knowledge, mix it with your ideas and then come out with marketing systems that achieve your desired results.

At our core, we are an Inbound Marketing Systems firm. We will give you a good idea of where you're at with your own inbound marketing system. We teach you who your clients are, where they’re located, how to reach them and most importantly how to get them to buy your products and services.

We start by discussing your inbound marketing needs. We discuss what current problems you're having with your inbound marketing system. We then discuss various inbound marketing methods and channels until we find the right solution.

We will talk about the negatives, as well as the positives of each type of marketing component to add and subtract. Then, we begin to implement and improve your complete inbound marketing system.

Next, we follow a step-by-step procedure of putting the inbound marketing system through its paces. Once the system is finalized; there’s even more work to do. We follow up to see if the marketing system met its requirements and if the system was successful.

AdNation Inc. wants you to succeed. We will do our utmost to provide the best in inbound market system planning, implementation and administration. We’re on your side.

Kevin Goodell Owner AdNation

I'm Kevin Goodell / Owner-Founder

Founder/Owner of AdNation Inc. I’m a forward thinking Inbound Marketing Systems Specialist. I attended Texas Tech University and graduated with a dual degree in both marketing and advertising. I also attended Eastern New Mexico University.

I’ve worked as an Account Executive for a lot of great media companies and I learned a lot from each one. I’m heavily invested in advertising and marketing tools, tactics and strategies. My clients love to talk about their business and I love to teach them what I know. I like to help them implement every phase of their marketing experience.

Owning my own marketing business is thrilling, exhilarating, extremely fun and very exciting. I think of my clients as close friends. I truly want you to succeed.

I have loved advertising and marketing since receiving a D+ in a physics class at Texas Tech University working toward a Civil Engineering Degree. I took a semester off to decide what I truly wanted to do with my life. I chose wisely and began the remainder of my college years studying everything I could about marketing and advertising.

After graduating from Texas Tech University with a dual degree in Advertising and Marketing, I began my career as an Account Executive in Lubbock Texas at the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal Newspaper. I worked there for 6 years. I married my sweet, loving wife Dana in Lubbock and shortly thereafter moved to Las Vegas after receiving an invitation to work at the Las Vegas Review-Journal as an Account Executive. I worked there for 6 years and thought the newspaper industry was beginning to die a slow death. I thought 12 years in the Newspaper business was enough.

Next, I worked at Sinclair Broadcast Group in Las Vegas as an Account Executive and also as a Paid Programming Coordinator for a total of 6 more years. An opportunity opened up at Jim Roger’s KVBC, an NBC affiliate and later becoming KSNV, and I accepted the position. I worked as, you guessed it, an Account Executive and that too lasted 6 years. Then, upon Jim’s death and the station being bought by Sinclair Broadcast Group, I continued to work there for another one and a half years until I decided to start my own advertising agency. In case you're counting, that was over 25 years working as an Account Executive for someone else other than myself. That's when I finally decided to take the giant leap and open my very own firm.

After two years of owning my own business, I’m still trying to perfect my agency culture but I know that AdNation is extremely good at pleasing our clients and giving them what they want. They want to succeed and AdNation wants our clients to succeed too. We like to take the time to listen to our clients. Together, we like to figure out what will work for the client but we don’t try to push our agenda. We even like to explore ideas that won’t cost the client a dime. AdNation knows that if the client is successful, then AdNation is going to be successful. I want us all to be successful.