What are funnel features and what are the steps that are included in a marketing funnel?

Marketing Funnel Steps

What are the basic funnel features? In real life with a bricks and mortar store, a customer would walk into the store, look at a product or talk to you about your service, put the product or service in a cart, walk to checkout and complete the purchase. Now, in the information age, you can have your customers visit your website or online store, view or learn about a product or service, add the service or product to the online cart or communicate with you and then you both complete the checkout process. That’s a short description of a funnel in action. Customers walk in or is brought by a link to the funnel or e-store, gain more knowledge of your product or service, become nurtured through the process and then voila – you have a sale because they like doing business with someone who is an authority and have the right product or services that they feel comfortable buying.

The typical basic overarching features and steps of a marketing funnel include:

  • Marketing campaigns to lead them to the funnel
  • Provide more information and help them gain more awareness of your products or services
  • Nurture them more until they have it and want to take the final step
  • Make them commit to the final sell and also make them glad they did buy from you
  • Repeat to get them to buy from you again and again

These features and steps are essential and should be expanded further by your marketing plan to nail down the information and knowledge that you will present and the way you will nurture your customer to work them through until they either leave the funnel (because it’s not for them) or they buy something from you. It’s as simple as that. You have a well-documented plan to work them through the funnel until the very end. Well, you still want to work them back into repurchasing your product or service again and again. So, it will never be the end.

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