Marketing System Components Introduction

Marketing System Components

Marketing System Components are critical to a healthy marketing system.

Remember Stuckey’s?

Stuckey’s was famous on Route 66 for their billboards spaced evenly along the highway showing what they were selling. Stuckey’s is becoming a sticking thing for my marketing & advertising ideas. It was one of the very first positive impressions that I had concerning marketing. My father, with his many businesses in Clovis New Mexico, was another.

Billboards are very important to a culture along Route 66. As kids growing up in New Mexico, we would stop at Stuckey’s many times during our travels throughout New Mexico. My father was stationed at Cannon Air Force Base. Then he decided to settle in Clovis after retirement from service. When we traveled from Clovis to Albuquerque, we would stop at Stuckey’s to use the restroom and also to eat the food and look at the souvenirs. There were always several Stuckey’s billboards along the highway that were spaced evenly, and each offered a different marketing message to get you to stop and shop.

Marketing Systems and it’s Marketing System Components

We’re here to learn more about Marketing Systems. We’re also here to learn about the individual Marketing System Components.

Billboards are considered a part of the “Lead Generation” Component.

The message that goes on the various billboards is a part of the “Content Creation” Component.

Think of it as if you had different employees: one in charge of handling the Lead Generation component (media buyer) and one in charge of Content Creation component (graphic designer).

Introduction to Marketing System Components

This article is an introductory lesson on the subject of Marketing Systems, including all of the Marketing Systems Components. These Marketing System Components include:

Website Design & SEO: Choosing the proper keywords that will effectively get a better response on search engines
Email Marketing: Constantly reaching out or nurturing your intended target audience automatically or very systematically
Content Creation: Creating great copy that sells to your target audience and then is used on your website and through lead generation channels
Lead Generation: Remember Billboards; also think Television, Radio, and Online, like Adwords or anything that generates leads to the system
Analytics: Reaching the right audience with the right message and then going back to see if further iterations need to occur to get a better response
CRM Sales: A coordinated outbound outreach to your leads & prospects to move them further through the sales funnel to a close


These are all components of a healthy Business Marketing System. Marketing System Components. MSCs for short. lol

Billboards of all kinds and part of the Lead Generation family

One of the Lead Generation products that I work with for my clients is outdoor billboards. Well online billboards too and many others. These two just mentioned, online boards and outdoor billboards, are part of the “Lead Generation” family of the Marketing System Components.

You can even put billboards on buses or in movies. On the side of bus shelters. Backstops at the baseball games. Those are considered out-of-home advertising mediums. You can use billboards on social media as well.

Electronic billboards are my favorite type of outdoor billboards. You can change out a message every day if you want or even during a specific daypart.

A media buyer would be concerned with reach and frequency. Reach, and Frequency is a fundamental consideration. Static Billboards (those that don’t change regularly or they’re not electronic high definition display) are very high in Frequency because the same people that drive by that location are going to drive by there again tomorrow. If you have both facing boards, say North and South, you can get them both coming and going. lol. Electronic Billboards can have both Reach and Frequency if the spots rotate throughout the various electronic billboards around town.

However, all media and mediums have to be purchased at the right rate. That’s critical. Input or Lead Generation is vital, and the more you can buy by buying the media or mediums at the right price or rate is critical.

Messages on Billboards and part of the Content Creation family

The message that you put on all these billboard types is all part of the “Content Creation” family of the Marketing Systems Components. There wouldn’t be a message for any mediums without Content.

On the Content Creation front, sometimes billboards are a hit or miss though. Depending on the category and sometimes the company. Some companies keep their message very conservative but think they’re jazzing it up. Or hippin’ it up. Possibly the company owner(s) doesn’t want to take a chance of offending anyone.

There’s a local alcohol reseller in Las Vegas, and he features very provocative ways of reaching his customers with outdoor billboards. It works for them. Then, some company owners won’t even tell jokes to reach an audience, even though it might work to get the customer’s attention.

Are Messages important for the Marketing System Components

Again, we’re talking message or Content Creation here. There are many attorneys out there, and they all begin to take on a persona. Of course. It’s natural. You guys know who you are? However, we all start to understand each Attorney’s character as he’s presented on television and other mediums. The guy who throws his arm out and points weird and is just not right. Come on we all know that guy. Then, there’s the cowboy from some huge town in Texas. Then, there’s another Attorney that is my all-time favorite that has the longest running show in Las Vegas on television each Sunday early evening and recently grew a beard. He’s a gentleman and a man I respect.

So, I guess the advertising works. Right? I think it’s more so that television branded them better, but I still like outdoor electronic billboards. I have a bias because I worked at television stations for years. I know television and what it can do to get the word out. Television is a very high reach medium. However, the message or Content Creation has to be entertaining and informative to work.

Moreover, most times you keep the same themes going to pound the message into the heads of the customers. That’s all about Frequency of the message.

So, Lead Generation component (Billboards) and Content Creation component (Billboard Messages) are essential, and we know that they’re a part of a healthy Marketing System.

Website and creating content for the website

The number one Marketing System Component, in this current information age of super online commercialism, is by far the Website Subcomponent. Don’t think about what is on the Website because that’s mostly from the Content Creation subcomponent. The Content Creation Subcomponent has part of it located on the Website. Get it? However, for most instances, we can think of the Website Subcomponent as including the Content as well, but the content that you create is part of the overall strategy of your brand and theme. Content is what gives the Website it’s character, it’s voice and its soul. Just because you upload it to the internet and it lays in the folders online for your Website, it’s still considered a Content Creation Subcomponent. However, again, we can, for most instances, consider the Content to be included on the Website Subcomponent.

The website is made up of things like the URL and the hosting service, etc. Security of a Website is essential too. Backing up the files and structures. Updating the individual parts of the Website. So, it doesn’t take a genius to create a Website or to get a Website. However, getting the great Content onto the Website is usually what is so challenging to a business owner. It’s creating the Website. It’s about giving breath to the heart and soul of your business. It’s about brainstorming, planning, designing and implementing the Content onto the Website. However, keep in mind, it’s Content that goes onto the Website. Content is also used everywhere throughout your business. Content is used in your Email Marketing Subcomponent. Content is used to generate the Leads for your Marketing System. You have to air a message on Billboards too remember? So, Content Creation is by far one of the most critical elements of a healthy Marketing System.

Email Marketing is the Queen while the Website is the King

If the Website and its Content is King of the business; then the Email Marketing Subcomponent, with its Content, is the Queen of the Marketing System Components.

The Queen (Email Marketing) rules the nurturing of the kingdom (customers). Your content is a constant reminder to the kingdom of what your business is about. You get it right? Your Content tells a story that lets the kingdom know that they are needed and wanted. The Queen (Email Marketing) is saying, “we have what you want. Come to see us or buy from us.” The beautiful thing is that when you set up your Email Marketing, then it becomes very automated.

You can use Email Marketing to further the communications with your customers by using autoresponders, email blasts, landing pages, etc. Email is also one of the best-Owned Media. Once you legitimately have someone’s email, then you own the use of that email until the owner of the email address asks to be unsubscribed from your use.

Thought: Getting unsubscribed is kind of like the Queen is being stabbed in the heart by the kingdom (Customer) and told that the realm doesn’t want to talk to the Queen anymore. We’re talking about metaphorical Queen of course.

CRM Sales Subcomponent & Analytics Subcomponent

So, what’s left for Marketing System Components? Of course, it’s the CRM Sales Subcomponent and the Analytics Subcomponent. The CRM Sales Subcomponent furthers the use of an Email Marketing Subcomponent by reaching out using Outbound Methods of reaching the customer. The CRM Sales Subcomponent is used by many companies that use Sales Teams or maybe even someone in a business responsible for actually getting in touch with the customer. The CRM Sales Subcomponent keeps contact information for leads and prospects and tries to turn them into actual Customers. It maintains information by tracking when you called, emailed or spoke to them on the phone. It tracks all the conversations with the lead and prospect so that things are remembered. You can also track opportunities and moving an opportunity through the sales funnel.

Analytics is tedious but necessary. That’s why I saved it for last. It’s essential because everything including saving money or using money wisely begins with the Analytical Subcomponent. Using furthering efforts and time wisely is also a part of Analytics. You have to use Analytical information to make decisions that make a system more efficient.

Final thoughts

Once you have your Marketing System and Marketing System Components up and running, then you begin to reach further out, or you expand your audience. You start to spend money to bolster the audience. You begin to use Lead Generation sources that cost money. You want to make sure that you’re getting the best CPM that you can get for the effort that you want to put into it. Analytics is fundamental to move your total system in the right direction.

So, this is my introductory lesson on Marketing Systems and the Marketing System Components. I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know what I said that’s silly, so I can go back and make changes. So, please comment on this article and let me know if what I’m saying makes sense. If you have thoughts to expand the article, please let me know as well. Your opinion matters a lot to me.

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