Real Estate Agent Marketing Guide

Real Estate Agent Marketing Guide

Real Estate Agent Marketing Guide

This real estate agent marketing guide will get you started in better marketing your real estate agent business. The most important thing on your to-do list, as a Real Estate Agent, is marketing. You’re continually promoting your clients’ properties. You’re consistently marketing your city to potential customers. You’re always selling yourself and your services. If you’re new to real estate, keep reading for great ideas that you can use to kick-start your marketing plan. Begin to put together a small one-page marketing plan that spells out what you’re currently doing and what you need to get accomplished. Also, see our article on the differences between marketing and advertising.

Television advertising guidelines:

The first part to consider in the real estate agent marketing guide is television advertising. You should consider television as an excellent way of reaching a large population of potential clients and then persuade them to call you and/or go to your website. Think of television as a mass method of reaching a vast audience. Cost-per-thousands are lower than most print delivery methods because you have to pay postage and creation and printing of the marketing piece. Ask for help from a professional advertising agency. Their services are generally paid by the television media companies in the form of commissions. Having an advertising agency on your side is the surest way to gain the most effectiveness, great negotiated rates, and best placement. Also, consider appearing on local television lifestyle programs as a paid guest presenter. You will go on air either live or in a pre-recorded 3-4 minute segment that reaches an audience that enjoys seeing this type of content. People love to hear about products and services on lifestyle shows. Again, always consult a professional advertising agency for help and guidance. Contact

Website guidelines:

Having a contact database and attracting new leads from your website is often the first thing for you to build on. The brokerage websites are also an area that should be maximized. To gear-up your website into a consistent lead producer and branding machine, you should follow the advice list below

• Consistent SEO strategies

• Exciting and distinguishing property images, photos and text copy

• Complete neighborhood data

• Mobile-friendly and simple navigation

• IDX-optimized search capabilities • Effective call-to-action platform

• Easy on the eyes design and layout

• No-charge real estate ideas and tips

• Newsletter sign-up

Top producing agents have websites that utilize all of these ideas to entice guests and get them to stay on your site longer. They make it simple to get in touch with them by deliberately placing contact information, newsletter sign-up forms, and social media links. A professional advertising agency in your town can help you plan, develop and complete your website at a low to moderate cost. Contact

Social media guidelines:

Social media is another crucial part of real estate online marketing. When coming up with social media ideas, your object is to invite folks to your real estate website. Spark interest with social media posts. Engage your supporters to click on photos or links so that they can be brought to your site. Some people miss this idea and routinely post to Facebook to overwhelm their potential clients with MLS or real estate listings. Place your listings on your website. Use social media to get them to your site, and especially avoid continuously pitching your services. Use social media as a way of talking to potential clients in a very comfortable medium. Advertising agencies are very skilled at showing you how to implement a quality social media campaign. Contact

Print media guidelines:

Print marketing goes hand in hand with your online presence. Immediately print your business cards on high-quality stock and use all your contact content. Take them wherever you go, and generously give them out if the need arises. Marketing materials about you and your company, yard signs (if you purchase your own) and other content you wish to share in print form with your potential clients, should always be obtained and utilized. Postcards should be sent with updates and upcoming open houses to everyone on your list. Always have high-quality leaflets and brochures at your open houses and local marketing events. Network marketing can be beneficial if you give someone something that they can remember you by. Again, advertising agencies are a great place to start when you’re learning to market your business. Contact

Real estate organizations guidelines:

Start or join a real estate organization to hang out and learn from other real estate people. Take the time to talk to them and get to know them so that they can be an ally or a potential partner in the future. If you’re interested in joining a team, this might be a great place to meet outstanding team members. Go to the classes offered by the organizations. It’s a great way to meet other agents.

Community participation guidelines:

You should localize your real estate marketing as a critical marketing strategy. Might seem obvious. You are in a heated struggle alongside other talented salespeople s marketing around you. You should stand out from all the others. You should try local events, 401c3 organized events that attract you. You will be helping your neighbors and rubbing elbows with people who also want to help. The key is to be on everyone’s mind when real estate comes up.

Summary of guidelines:

As a summary, keep in mind, that marketing and promotions are a huge part of your career. You should put together a small one-page marketing plan that spells out what you’re currently doing and what you need to get accomplished. Look to online and print materials as a key to strategy. Also, include social media to get folks to your website. Also, keep reading and watching videos on how to market your real estate talents. Always contact an advertising agency in your area to get an idea of the what they can help with to better market your business. They are a wealth of knowledge and can become a great resource now and in the future.

Kevin Goodell is the author of this article. He is the Founder and Owner of AdNation Inc., which is a Las Vegas based advertising agency.

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